terça-feira, outubro 26, 2010

Internet Librarian 2010 - onde eu gostaria de estar agora...

Não podendo... vou guardando twittes de eleição e partilhando também aqui no rato! Transmitem-se ideias muito fortes em 140 caracteres - ficam aqui nove twittes que não me escaparam no 1º dia do IntLib10.

@librarythinking: When I teach students I tell them to pull out their phones and ask them to text librarian #intlib10

@infogdss29: #intlib10 requirements for digital managers: inspiration, perseverance, communication #dbranch

@infogdss29: #intlib10 great reminder that there are different types of and skill levels for technology #dbranch

@GMLGeek: #intlib10 The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read & write, but those who cannot unlearn & relearn

@cougarlibrarian: Trusting the staff to write appropriate content goes a long way in boosting morale, says @TheLiB. #dbranch #intlib10

@secretfanofu: Libraries are too reactionary - reacting to the needs of their patrons, rather than looking forward #intlib10

@Hurstej: Web scale searching can get your user closer than they could get before with federated search #intlib10

@Hurstej: why you have a search that says "search for articles" how do users know its not searching everything (if it's not) - #intlib10

@acarriaga: "infiltration of mobile in society means that people become the access points." - Joe Murphy #intlib10

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