quarta-feira, junho 24, 2009

M-Libraries: algumas recomendações para bibliotecas de ensino superior

Via ResourceShelf tomei conhecimento do relatório de Keren Mill "M-Libraries: Information use on the move" realizado no âmbito do programa Arcadia da Cambridge University e The Open University. As 5 recomendações finais devem ser tidas em conta nos planos de acção dos serviços web, tic ou difusão de informação das bibliotecas de ensino superior em Portugal.

Piloting text alerting services - giving users the opportunity to choose whether they want notifications by text message, email or both are likely to be taken up by at least a third of library users. These alerts would include the notifications automatically generated by the Library Management System (LMS).
Piloting a text reference service – if the library receives a high volume of enquiries that require brief responses, such as dictionary definitions, facts or service information from the library.
Providing a mobile OPAC interface – perhaps using a service such as AirPac or WorldCat Mobile, or working with their LMS supplier to develop a mobile version of their OPAC.
Ensuring that the library website is accessible and will resize to smaller screens – in order to be ready for increasing numbers of netbook users and mobile internet users in the next few years.
Providing audio tours of the library - to help visitors or new users orient themselves and learn more about the service.
Allowing mobile phone use in the library - as long as they are set to silent or to flight mode (meaning they are not receiving a signal).

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