terça-feira, junho 01, 2004

Biblioteca digital... afinal, o que é? Contributos - parte 3...

Continuando a reflexão...
«I believe that Warwick's statement that digital libraries are more than
"a mere aggregation of information resources" encompasses this point,
but I think it bears drawing specific attention to it, and that is the
concept of _service_. Despite the common use of the term "digital
library" by our cousins in the computing side of the house for any
aggregation of digital content, any accurate use of the term "library"
must include the concept of service. That is, you are not a digital
library unless you can assist users in significant ways to use the
content you are providing. If you can't, what you have is a digital
_collection_. This is not merely a semantic quibble -- the distinction
is an important and qualitative one that we would do well to not
forget.» Roy Tennant California Digital Library

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