terça-feira, novembro 09, 2004

ISBN-13: New Number on the Block

Pois é... o ISBN passará para 13 digitos a partir de Janeiro de 2007!
Todas as informações a este respeito num artigo bem completo no nº 41 da Ariadne.
"Libraries find the ISBN a valuable, efficient access point for procurement, resource discovery and auto-record matching. The change to ISBN-13 will therefore affect various processes: acquisitions, cataloguing, information retrieval, inter-library loans (ILL), circulation, serials and binding, and past practice in use of the ISBN will also have an effect. ISBN assignment rules and cataloguing rules differ, with the result that a bibliographic record may carry two or more ISBNs (e.g. for hardback, paperback, and multipart set) and a further complication is that some serials have ISBNs. Some library systems use the ISBN as a control number; this is now recognised as bad practice but systems designed in this way still exist. Libraries have to cope with the misuse of ISBNs by publishers and errors in their assignment; e.g. reprints mistakenly assigned a new ISBN, new editions issued under an old ISBN, etc. And while for the book trade the 10-digit ISBN will at some point become a thing of the past, books with 10-digit ISBNs will exist in libraries indefinitely".

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